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Birth Alarm


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The Birth Alarm Complete System GSM Mobile Phone Version with anti-roll girth.

This birth alarm requires a new, blank, Pay as you go GSM SIM card (not supplied) and once programmed the birth alarm can call up to two mobiles.

Please ensure the card you buy is connected to a mobile network with a strong telephone signal, WHERE THE HORSE IS. Essentially you're giving your mare a mobile phone, so that she "can call you" when the time comes. If there isn't a good signal wherever she is, it's not going to work. If no mobile network has a good signal at the mares location, look at the RF (Radio) version.


In operation you can choose between two settings: One for horses that sleep lying down and the other for horses that don't.

The anti-roll girth with the transmitter attached is secured around the withers of the mare. Select the relevant setting on the transmitter for your horses normal sleeping position.

Setting 2a For mares that don't sleep/rest on their sides
Setting 2b for the less common (about 15%) mares that do.

Operation of setting 2a:

When having contractions the mare will lie completely on her side. The Birth Alarm detects this and dials the pre-programmed numbers after 7.6 seconds. (Research has shown that a contraction lasts a minimum of 7 seconds).

Birth Alarm Operation 2a

Operation on 2b:

There are two posibilities that might occur: 

1. The mare lies completely on her side to rest. In this case the alarm is not triggered although the transmitter does detect that the mare is on her side and records this for 3 minutes. After three minutes in that positon, the Birth Alarm knows that the mare is resting and the alarm is neutralised. If the mare stands up after half an hour and then rests on her side again, the Birth Alarm monitors this again for another three minutes.

Three minutes has been selected due to research that has shown contractions never lasts longer than 2.5 minutes.

Birth Alarm Operation 2b

2. The mare lies down flat on her side and the Birth Alarm recognises this as before and monitors for three minutes. This time however, she is having a contraction, which will last anything up to 2.5 minutes. After the contraction, the mare prepares for the next contraction by lifting a little out of the totally lateral position.

The Birth Alarm detects this movement and as it's within the preset three minutes, the alarm is triggered and dials your pre-programmed mobile number/s (Up to two).

Birth Alarm Operation 2bb

Receiving the Alarm

When you receive an alarm on your mobile telephone (make sure you program the number into your phones memory so that you recognise it) DON'T answer the call. Instead call the alarm back and let it ring twice before ending the call. This resets the alarm ready for next time.


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