HAAS Brushes

HAAS brushes are made of ethically-sourced horse hair and produce outstanding results when it comes to grooming. These brushes promote a healthy coat that produces a natural shine and nourishment, which both help with the growth of hair. 

Firstly, by using brushes that consist of horse hair bristles, we ensure that the horse's skin receives a massage - this enhances the circulation – harking back to when horses were wild animals and this method naturally maintained their skin health. Furthermore, horse hair bristles ensure that a horse’s coat that is perhaps too sturdy or fluffy becomes smoother - with that, it receives more vitamins, nourishment from the root to tip.

The Eqclusive Packs have been put together for horse owners to help them with everyday grooming to help maintain a healthy coat and impressive shine.

Which pack is best for me?

Each colour horse has a specific type of coat and problems associated with it. There are therefore three packs to choose from, one for each coat type. If you have multiple horses with different coat type simply buy the Universal pack which then covers all your needs!